Access all secure pages of our website by registering today. Quotation, scheduling and tracking of shipments are some of the online freight tools that we need to offer once you have signed up. PartnerShip was founded in 1989 by the nonprofit National Association of College Stores to provide discounted shipping services to NACS members in academic retail. Founded in June 1999 as a separate Limited Liability Company (LLC), PartnerShip operates under the leadership of PartnerShip`s Board of Directors to better focus on our growing customer base and services outside of the college industry. Today, we are the recognized shipping partner of more than 160 trade and professional associations as well as industry associations. The relentless drive to be your connection to easy and affordable shipping has been our mission for nearly three decades. Whether you ship LTL freight or at full load, across the city or across the country, we offer you the most competitive prices from the best carriers in the industry. Did you know that in the LTL services category, there are a variety of types of operators, each with its own advantages and disadvantages? Easily track your shipments by entering your tracking or Pro# or BOL# for freight shipments, selecting your carrier from the drop-down menu and clicking Track. “Over the past 10 years or more, I`ve saved a lot of money with the NAMM shipping program run by PartnerShip. We use it for two main reasons, as a publisher, I send heavy boxes of magazines all over the country. I save a lot with these big shipments and secondly, I use the FedEx Ground aspect to ship my guitars and other items sold on Reverb. I also get a good discount. This is one of the best aspects of being a member of namm after the congress itself for my company.

» If your cargo is a full or partial load or requires special equipment. PartnerShip helps you ship smarter and stay competitive Your small package shipping options include FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. Get started now and create an account You have access to our competitive freight rates and easy-to-use online shipping tools that allow you to offer, book and track your freight. You`ll get significant discounts on carriers so you can ship smarter. . Returns in high season are a particular challenge for retailers. While they can be a headache, these seven strategies can help you successfully conquer the return season.

If you`re using FedEx and UPS by the end of 2021, be sure to ship early, meet vacation deadlines, and prepare for 2022 rate increases. We help our customers save time and money in all facets of shipping and logistics, including LTL freight, truck loading, trade show, expedited shipping, and small package shipping. We also offer invoice consolidation, in-depth shipping management, assistance with submission and complaint resolution, and can help you resolve warehousing and fulfillment issues, storage, and other transportation issues. . “The ARDS shipping program managed by PartnerShip has saved the Dakota Commission money for over 6 (six) years. It`s a very easy to use program, and we use the preferred carriers because they have provided great service. If you live in the Dakotas and have national carriers, freight becomes an expensive item, so we always strive to reduce costs. I would certainly recommend the program to other members of the ARDS. » Are you spending more on your shipment than you need? Let us provide you with a comprehensive analysis to determine how you can save the most money on each shipment, from envelopes to full loads.

“Genesis Midwest has been using the ACS shipping program operated by PartnerShip for several years. Certainly, the amount of money saved using the program is what we prefer. No additional documents are required after registration. Because most of our shipments involve dry ice and need to be received as quickly as possible, FedEx is our preferred carrier. The ease and savings from using the program have benefited Genesis Midwest. I would have absolutely no reservations about the recommendations regarding the ACS shipping program to other members. For more information about the company, please see our FMCSA Broker`s License and Insurance Document. . To access our secure pages, log in by entering your username and password below. Keep track of carrier closures in order to have a successful holiday shipping season.

Use this tool to track LTL freight or small parcel shipments. Simply enter your tracking number, PRO number or waybill number (BOL) and select the appropriate carrier. Manufacturers face a number of unique challenges when it comes to getting their cargo where it needs to go. Align security and costs with these five must-have strategies. .