But for a serious explanation, uncertain is if you think there is something you don`t want in this matter. You are not sure whether you agree or not. That`s what I found, I hope my brain did it the best. 4. What expresses weak or uncertain agreement on something? 6. If you say, “I couldn`t agree with you anymore,” it means you have 2. What is best for listening to people who agree and disagree? 1. If you agree with someone, it means that you have ___ 10. What can you say to settle an argument or end a discussion that is getting too heated? 9. What can you say if someone interrupts you before you finish your point of view? 5. What expression clearly indicates that you share an opinion and that you are not stating a fact? 3.

What expression shows that you completely agree with what someone just said? Uncertain is whether you don`t think it`s right or left, lol. 8. If someone says “Exactly!” after you share an opinion, it means they are ______ with you. .