The applicant who wishes to store, distribute and sell the medicinal products wholesale. This form is required to apply for the wholesale licence. The applicant for an authorization to sell or distribute drugs must ensure that these essential points are followed in this form for drugs other than those listed in Schedules C, C (1) and X of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules. Yes. The wholesale license is the same for medical devices, drugs, and biologics Yes, but the person must have passed SSLC and have at least four years of experience in drug processing. The licensed pharmacist must have a university degree and one year of experience in the treatment of medications. In accordance with the provisions of the Medicines and Cosmetics Rules, the state regulatory authority may issue a licence for the sale or distribution of medicines in India. The license can be issued in accordance with the rules for medicines and cosmetics to sell, store, exhibit or offer for sale or distribute medicines in India. The licence may be granted for various products such as medicines, biologics, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices. The State Licensing Authority (SLA) is the regulatory authority associated with this service. To obtain this license, a person must submit an application to the state licensing authority. The competent authority would then carry out an inspection and then issue a licence. The installation should not exceed 10 square meters.

. The licence is valid indefinitely; However, retention fees must be submitted every 5 years. If the commercial facility is present on land or apartment allocated by the Delhi Development Authority, the Delhi Municipal Corporation must issue a receipt for the required conversion fees and documents. There are some absolute necessities that you need to do to apply for the import license as follows: The facility should meet the criteria of the Master Plan for Delhi (MPD)-2021.. The licence obtained would remain valid for life unless the regulator suspends or cancels the licence. . To obtain a licence, the applicant must pay INR 1500 for each licence. The applicant must also submit a retention fee every five years. No. Each federal state has its own portal.

(e.B. Proof of identity such as Aadhar card, pan card and/or passport of licensed directors and pharmacists. The schedule for a wholesale license is 21 business days The electricity bill of the premises is a mandatory requirement. No, the person must apply for the respective change and receive a new wholesale licence. Lorem Ipsum is simply a dummy text from the printing and composition industry. Lorem Ipsum is the industry standard. .